What you need to know about operating systems

In computing, operating systems are necessary to use a laptop properly. There are basically two of them: Windows and Linux. However, not knowing the basics of how to use these systems to their best advantage can get you into trouble. This article will show you how to reduce your intellectual deficiency in this area.

Tips and tricks on the Linux operating system

The Linux operating system seems to be quite unknown today, even though it existed long before Windows was used. However, it has invaluable advantages that you can discover on this site https://dvdhome.ca/. From now on, this operating system recognized as the most secure will no longer be a mystery to you. You will learn about its history, but also how to download and install it. You will learn to discover it better if you are not yet used to it. You will now know the similarities between this system and Windows, but also the differences. This is an advantage for those who are fond of the computer revolution, but also for all those who are thirsty for knowledge.

Tips and tricks on the Windows operating system

The Windows operating system is the most accessible, especially in French-speaking countries. The advantage it has over Linux is that it is pre-installed on all laptops on sale. However, this is not a reason to say that you really know how to use it. It is a system that is constantly being updated. It would be good to learn more about everything about it. This will allow you to use it optimally and avoid many huge mistakes. On this site, for example, you will discover the best tutorials for getting a Windows ISO file or for going further as well. And, if you have any questions during your learning process, you can ask them. They will be treated by specialists for your satisfaction.