What e-liquid to start vaping?

With the evolution of technology today, there are electronic cigarettes on the market that require the use of e-liquids. What e-liquid should you use then for an effective dosage of the vape? Discover all the answers in this article.

The e-liquid for beginners

Deciding to move away from addiction and then choosing vaping is quite a process. To do this, there is a whole step to follow, including choosing your e-liquid. This allows you to have a good withdrawal without fear of relapse.

The e-liquid for beginners is the main element used for tobacco par excellence. It is designed so that anyone who wants to start vaping can have a new sensation to fill the void of tobacco. In addition to that, it exists in several aromas and fruity flavors such as melon, citrus, strawberry, etc..

Note that there are also very or slightly mentholated flavors that are called ice mint or menthol-based tobacco.

If you are a beginner in the vape, it is recommended that you try the sweetest flavors and gradually rise to the more concentrated called mixed e-liquids. It is also advisable to start vaping with an e-liquid with a higher content of propylene than vegetable glycerine.

The classic e-liquid

To start vaping, you also have the choice to opt for the classic e-liquid. Indeed, during the transition, your taste buds are still accustomed to the aromas of combustible cigarettes and blond tobacco.

In order not to subject yourself to an abrupt change, the classic e-liquid helps you to start your e-cigarette with peace of mind. There are suitable flavors that transcribe the tastes you are used to.

The safest way to access a good vape and find quality e-liquids is to approach a specialist. You need to get a consultation before you begin the transition. Make the right choice for your health.