Tips for installing a bathroom mirror

Apart from practicality, a mirror offers a certain aesthetic appeal to a bathroom. Therefore, to install a bathroom mirror properly, it is necessary to follow some essential steps. Here is an article revealing the various tips for installing a mirror in your bathroom like a pro. 

Plan the material and prepare the site

Before installing your bathroom mirror, it is important to prepare the necessary materials. To find out more, click on this web link. In this regard, you should not only select the variety of bathroom mirrors that suit your preferences, but also provide all the necessary equipment such as a hammer, goggles, protective masks and gloves, screwdriver, tape measure, wire strippers and a spirit level pencil. When choosing a mirror, you should consider the size and shape of the mirror to be installed and the type of decoration in your bathroom. Once you have chosen the wall mirror, you must then select the type of fixing to use. There are four main categories of fixings, including rail, bracket, wall hook and adhesive. Once you have selected the fixings, you need to find the right place to put your bathroom mirror. Simply install it at an ideal height, so that all members of your family can access it.

Attach the wall brackets and install the mirror

Once the components are complete, you will need to attach the wall brackets. Following the assembly instructions in the assembly manual, after marking the wall for the brackets and checking that the marks are horizontal, you should drill the holes.  Next, check that the mirror is in the middle of the washbasin or basin before inserting the dowels and fixing the brackets. Once the wall brackets have been screwed in, all you have to do is carefully place your bathroom mirror on them. Just tighten the screws and you're done.