The different ways to visit the castles of the Dordogne valley

If you take a trip to France, you would surely want to learn a little more about the history.  Several ways to discover the castles in the Dordogne Valley.  There is the classic way by visiting the castle, with a guide or a booklet, and the more fun way, where the visit is done through games, activities or concerts.  Find out all about it here.

 With a guide

The castles are rich in history, which is why visiting with a guide allows you to get more explanations.  For example, you can visit the castle presented by French bloggers.  This will prevent you from missing specific details on the living conditions of the time, the religious wars and understanding the history of the castle and its architecture.  During your visit to the castles in the Dordogne Valley, the guides will reveal all their secrets to you.  There are several types of guided tours.  Guided tours with a guide-lecturer who will make you benefit from his expertise which will make your visit a unique and very enriching experience.  Thematic guided tours where you can attend demonstrations of handling weapons, blacksmithing.

 Discover while having fun

This is the concept of the Escape Game offered at Tours de Merle.  At the end of the day, when the sun goes down behind the towers and the last visitors move away, you find yourself alone on the site.  What luck !  You are greeted by the game master who tells you that you have 90 minutes to complete your quest in order to get out of the citadel.  Each group must find clues, solve puzzles, mechanisms, open padlocks with lots of surprises to discover in an incredible life-size setting.  A real privilege to be able to stroll privately on the site.  And often, during school holidays, many castles offer fun and artistic workshops where children can make coats of arms, learn about gardening or even gold panning, for example.  In July and August, the castles become real settings to host operas, recitals, classical music concerts, another way to enjoy the atmosphere of these places as well as the mild summer evenings.