Indriver : a ride app with fair fares

A great alternative to taxis, inDriver is a carpooling app, where you can find a ride or join to drive. You can also use this application to travel to other cities, send and receive parcels, book a truck for your personal or professional needs

InDriver, the application that allows you to book drivers

InDriver is a transport platform that allows you to book rides with drivers using your smartphone. Do you want to know more about indriver russia ? Check out the site. As for the InDriver clone, it is a transport platform designed to work similarly to InDriver, but may be offered by a different company or organization. InDriver clones typically allow users to request rides from drivers, track their progress in real time, and pay for the ride through the platform. Some InDriver clones may offer additional features or services, such as the ability to book rides in advance or the ability to choose a specific driver.

InDriver clones can be developed by companies or organizations looking to enter the transportation market, or by existing transportation companies looking to expand their offerings. It is important for companies and organizations considering developing an InDriver clone to research and understand the legal and regulatory requirements for operating a transport platform in their region. The user can easily book a ride by entering the pick up and drop off location and the bid for its price.

An application purely created by Russian students

InDriver taxi app was created by Russian students in 2012. Generally in Russia, when the temperature reached up to -45 degrees centigrade, taxi operators usually raised their price one and a half times more. So the students created this app where you have to enter the amount in the app which means you are ready to pay that amount for the trip. Then the driver will contact you about your desired quote and who will agree on this quote. Finally, he will be the person who will complete the ride. Indriver clone app is the initiative for taxi drivers and customers.

Join as a driver and earn extra money

If you have a car, this driving app offers a great opportunity to earn some extra cash. Unlike any other taxi booking app, inDrive lets you see the passenger’s drop-off location and fare before accepting the ride request. If the passenger fare doesn’t seem like enough, this driver app lets you offer your fare or skip the rides you don’t like without penalties, which no taxi driver can even dream of. The best thing about this car booking app is its low to zero service rates which means you can earn more money while driving with this great taxi app alternative.