How to optimize your site ?

SEO optimization uses different techniques. These techniques aim to improve the positioning of a site in the results displayed by search engines. All the techniques used must respect a large part of the different criteria imposed by Google. Thus, its robots will easily find your pages and interpret them to index and rank them. But how to proceed ? This article will give you the necessary tips.

Set up a responsive design on your site

The responsive design consists in developing a website that adapts to any type of support: tablet, smartphone and PC. So try this on this site. This technology allows the increase of traffic via mobile devices with different screen sizes. This change in the web design process promotes the display of web pages in an optimal way with ease of navigation. Moreover, your site must be able to load in a few seconds in order not to be penalized by Google. To do this, reduce the size of the images used. In addition, create the desire to click on your site with short Title and Meta Description tags. These tags must be consistent with the description page and your editorial line. They must include action verbs and keywords.

Adopt an effective SEO strategy

Quality SEO requires a good keyword strategy related to your industry. Strengthen your brand positioning by using keywords with a high number of traffic sources. On the other hand, you should create quality content written by experts in web writing and content marketing. This is what attracts users and converts them into customers through a good positioning of your site in search engines. Then, think about optimizing the content of your site with alternative texts to describe each image and video present on your site. Avoid duplicate content and create an efficient netlinling to regulate web traffic and enrich the browsing experience. An essential point is your presence on social networks. Finally, use Google Analytics and Google Search Console to track your SEO statistics.