How to get the right handpan ?

The number of handpans now on the market is considerable, with the introduction of counterfeits among the models. Therefore, it becomes important to know how to choose your hangdrum to better benefit from it. In order to do so, you must first have the following information.

How to choose your handpan

First of all, the handpan to choose must meet your needs, taking into account your level in the practice of the instrument (beginner or experienced). Here you have some handpan for sale to find the most suitable one.

The hangdrum in reality can carry up to 17 notes, as it can carry only 9 or 10 with the Ding. Depending on the desired vibrations, it is up to the buyer to find out the details before paying for the musical instrument. Besides that, the handpan can be mastered more quickly when the frequency and the scale (minor or major) are well chosen.

The actual pitch can be 432 Hertz or 440 Hertz. It is selected according to the setting where the instrument will be played and the buyer's desires. Furthermore, to have a good handpan, it is necessary to choose a durable, practical and easy to maintain material for your instrument.

Where to buy the best handpan ?

To get the best handpan, you need to find places of sale that are known for the quality of their products. It is possible to contact a manufacturer directly to get his hang drum. This allows you to know more about the usefulness of the instrument and the methods to use it better.

However, there are also stores that specialize in the field that can provide the right information about the handpan and make a better choice. In physical music stores, the choice is rather easy. Indeed, it is possible to touch the instrument to evaluate its quality and melodies directly.

However, on the generalized websites, it is enough to stick to the brands. The most famous handpan manufacturers are the ones you should trust to buy the right one. Finally, the prices vary according to the quality of the hang drum.