How to choose a good coat for winter ?

Winter is that time of year when everything goes slow. We feel much more like curling up on the couch with a good book than braving the cold outside. However, with a good coat that covers us with soft material and warmth, we can continue our activities and even survive. But how to recognize a good coat ?

Check the composition of the garment

It is not necessarily the habit that we cultivate. In general, our choice of clothing is based on taste. However, in order to choose a coat that can truly play the role you want it to, it is important to know what makes it up. You can investigate this site to learn more. 

In addition, the information you should keep in mind is that a good coat must necessarily combine three points: style, composition and price. Regarding the composition (since that's what we're talking about here), make sure you choose one that contains a minimum of 70% wool. 

Remember, 70% wool. You may not know it, but wool is a truly warm fabric. And most importantly, make the difference between boiled and natural. A coat with boiled wool must have a good lining before it can claim to play the same role as raw wool.

Some other characteristics

A coat is supposed to keep warm when the long cold days appear. And while we all agree that style matters, it's better to review your requirements than to freeze to death. Then, it is impossible that you do not come across the rare pearl, even when looking for specific criteria: 

- should not be too close to the body: in fact, a coat should not squeeze you at the risk of catching death. Make sure you take one that is neither too wide nor too tight, 

- the minimum for its composition: 70% wool! You can look for one that exceeds this quota, but the price is most often increased. You can also opt for cashmere if your budget allows. Like wool, cashmere is a very good quality fabric.