How much does a soccer club president earn per year?

How much does a soccer club president earn per year?


The world of soccer is known as a very profitable business. That is why it is common to see several businessmen at the head of clubs. However, what is the annual salary of a soccer club president? Here is an article that tells a little about the average salary of club presidents per year.

The lowest paid club presidents

Contrary to what you might think, many club presidents receive low salaries. These presidents, usually businessmen, seem to be motivated more by the passion of soccer than by the money of the ball. This is especially the case for most presidents of French Ligue 1 and Premier League clubs. Indeed, according to investigations conducted by Le Parisien, some presidents earn less than €1,000,000. For example, it turns out that the presidents of OM and Lyon earn about €720,000 and €600,000 per year respectively.

Meanwhile, in the Premier League, the majority of English club presidents have an average annual salary of €900,000. However, it is important to note that bonuses are not included in these salaries.

Highly paid soccer club presidents

In the world of soccer, some club managers take advantage of their positions to make a fortune. This is the case of some club presidents who receive huge salaries. These types of salaries are generally observed among the presidents of English and Spanish clubs.

Indeed, the president of Manchester United earned in 2020 almost 3 million euros as a salary. The president of Tottenham, a major shareholder of the club, also earned €3.26 million in that same year.

The presidents of the La Liga clubs are not left out. Most of them earn a very high salary. This is the case of the presidents of Real Madrid CF, FC Barcelona, Atletico Madrid...

The salary of the presidents of a soccer club often depends on the wealth and value of the club's championship. Also, the salary allocation of a president varies according to his percentage of share in the club.



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