Focus on the most famous scientists in the world

The great evolutions of the human species have been marked by the creativity of several scientists who have remained in the common memory today. Their creativity and intelligence, judged by many to be out of the ordinary, have made them known to all. And if we have to talk about the most famous scientists in the world, here are some names that you will not forget.


We usually associate this name with philosophy. However, Aristotle is also very well known for his works in the scientific field. Indeed, he contributed to the evolution of science through his mastery of biology, zoology and physics. This scientific knowledge, especially of plants, allowed him to develop his theory of the chain of life.

Albert Einstein

Having received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921, Albert Einstein is the father of relativity. Einstein also accomplished many feats with his discoveries in the physical world. He participated in the development of the quantum theory. He was the first scientist to explain "the Brownian motion of molecules". Thus, because of these acts, his name is often used in literary and cinematographic works as a reference of intelligence. Some even consider him the man with the highest IQ, even others like William James Sidis snatch this place from him.


Galileo's observations and discoveries contributed greatly to the development of modern physics and astronomy. In addition to his groundbreaking work on the telescope, he discovered that the earth orbits the sun. It is this discovery that made him one of the most famous scientists in the world. This discovery made him one of the most famous scientists in the world, because it was opposed by the Church, which at the time was the sole owner of the knowledge.

Isaac Newton

Very famous for his scientific genius in the field of the law of gravity, Newton is an important figure in science. Among his numerous discoveries and scientific inventions, it is possible to quote especially the three laws of motion in mechanics.


Known for his genius in the field of mathematics, he is also well known in physics and astronomy. Indeed, he made important discoveries in these areas that revolutionized the scientific world.