How to find an affiliate marketing mentor ?

All areas of entrepreneurship require skill to be profitable. It is rare to be profitable overnight. However, you can be coached and followed by a professional, in this case a mentor. Discover in this article the different ways to find them

Joining online communities

In online communities there are many young and adult entrepreneurs who have experience and who discuss their activities. These forums are great places to find good mentors. Make sure your posts convey your desire and passion for entrepreneurship and look to be proactive in these forums as well. To learn more click on this blog link.
Reddit has several forums and sub-forums that deal with entrepreneurship ideas. Indeed, to benefit from this, you just need to do some research by asking questions. To do so, if you feel in shortage of answer after the questions, you can restart the search with the keyword ''mentor''. This is a quicker and more reliable way to quickly find publications from other users who are in the same situation and have tried to find mentors in the past and proceed. Just proceed by the way you discovered them.

Connect with potential mentors on LinkedIn

For anyone looking to exchange contacts with potential mentors, LinkedIn has always been a relevant platform. Indeed, the majority of the most influential people on LinkedIn are willing to share advice. These people are highly qualified to be mentors.
If this network, you have the option of going into the profile base on LinkedIn and checking by experience or skill the quality of mentors you would like to find. It is also possible to contact qualified mentors directly or you can write to them by email. But in case you don't see their email address you can write them through Facebook or look for their number to write them through WhatsApp.

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